Pool Accessories

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A Great Selection of Pool Accessories Decatur IL

Get the most out of your pool this summer by stocking up on pool supplies from Jan Master Pool & Spa. We carry everything from step ladders and pool covers to floaties and water toys for the kids! We even carry cabanas and patio furniture! If you need them for your pool, we have them all!

We also have anything you could need to keep up with your pool maintenance, including pumps and filters, cleaning supplies, and more!

What are you waiting for? Stop by our store in Decatur, IL today!

Everything You Need for Your Pool or Spa

Come see us and browse through our open and attractive showroom at 1987 E. Pershing Road in Decatur, IL. You’ll find everything that you can think of and a few things that hadn’t occurred to you at Jan Master Pool & Spa.

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Pumps & Filters

Clean water begins with the filtration system, and we carry many superior sand system tanks from Doughboy, all of which combine quality filtration and easy operation.

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Personalize your pool selection with liners in a variety of patterns and shades. Add the look of border tiles, stones, or solid colors! Our liners from Doughboy come with a 100% lifetime seam warranty.

Jan Master Pool & Spa, in store equipment, cleaning supplies - Decatur, IL

Cleaning Supplies

As a responsible pool owner, cleaning your pool is essential to ensure your comfort (and the comfort of your guests), protect your equipment, and keep it clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

solar pool cover - Decatur, IL

Solar Covers

Solar pool covers are designed to help naturally heat your swimming pool through solar rays and can keep the water temperature at a comfortable level throughout cooler months of the year.

winter pool covers - Decatur, IL

Winter Covers

At Jan Master Pool & Spa, we have a variety of winter covers to keep the inside of your pool in perfect condition as temperatures drop! Visit our shop in Decatur, IL to browse through our attractive showroom.

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Toys, Floats, & More!

Pool toys come in many shapes and colors. They’re lots of fun, but they can also be functional! Toys can range from armbands, floaties, noodles, and seats to inflatable balls, rings, tubes, and rafts.